Pax Artificium - Betty Brown

On first glance, Betty appears small and slightly furtive. She is slight in build, with brown eyes and brown hair. She would almost be attractive, except for the expression of continual discomfort she gets around other people. Indeed, if you were to see her around other people, she would likely look panicked, or at the very least in great distress.

Betty's only true happiness, and few moments of calm, are found when she is holding a very beautiful gemstone. Betty is a professional thief, acclaimed for her ability to steal anything, so long as it's a jewel. For her, it's the combination of profession and true love. As a rule she dislikes stealing anything for other people, but will do it if her need for cash is pressing. To steal a gem and then give it to someone else goes against her inclinations.

Along with severe anxiety in public, Betty has anxiety over cleanliness, her least favorite places being airport bathrooms and movie theaters. She always has a store of antiseptics on her person, and can often be seen washing her hands with wet-naps.

These strange behaviors rise from a childhood living along with her mother, who cleaned fervently in the hope that Betty's father would return. Her mother blames herself for Betty's father leaving, thinking that if she had cleaned more, he would have stayed. And so she would force Betty to clean beside her for hours at a time, scrubbing and washing, and whipping Betty if she stopped. Her mother gradually fell into true mental illness, and has been taken care of at an expensive facility in the years since by the generosity of her daughter, who pays the staggering bills of her mother's comittal. Betty pays gladly, knowing the only other choice is the state mental institution, with it's grimy walls and cruel staff.

Betty does not believe in magic, and all events she has seen so far remind her of witchcraft and satanic worship. A creature named Kane tried to convince her Jesus was the source of corruption, since which Betty has been certain her companions were working with evil. Though she had left the church, Betty was raised a Baptist. The deeply unsettling events surrounding her leave her grasping at the threads of her long-abandoned faith.