Pax Artificium - Sara Cassenti

Sara Cassenti is fairly well known in Pax for her leadership of the Way of Janell, a new age religion that meets in the Garden (one of the few privately owned parks in the city that is open to the public). Sara is a kind and motherly individual who has spent the last 7 years leading the Way of Janell. She has been known to channel Janell and deliver prophetic speeches which she later claims to not remember. Many residents of Pax consider her to be a harmless weirdo, but her flock (as well as the homeless of the city and a number of teenage runaways) know that she is willing to give her all to the cause of helping others. Recently Sara has grown very noticeably pregnant. She has no husband or boyfriend and is elusive when questioned about the baby's father. Rumors seem to imply that it might be either Ralph Gutenberg (Sara's right hand man in the Way of Janell) or one of the strange men who's company she's been seen in over the last six months.

Sara is of average height and though she shows her 36 years is still fairly attractive (in a slightly plump, motherly sort of way). She tends to dress in fairly classic conservative clothes unless you go to visit one of the meetings of the Way of Janell where she often (but not always) wears a set of soft tan robes. She exudes a sense of serene calm, even in the most stressful of situations, and is a great advocate of peaceful solutions rather than a resort to anger and violence.