Pax Artificium - Politics

  • US Hegemony, middle-east conflict
  • Assassination of Bush (blamed on terrorists)
  • Cheney takes office
  • Afghan, Iraq, Syria & Iran taken over by US
  • Patriot act is permanencied due to assassination
  • India / China / Russo Pact (in response to US power increase)
  • The Second Cold War begins
  • Cheney doesn't run, for health reasons
  • Jeb Bush – FL – runs, but is a dramatic failure during the next four years
  • Democratic control begins
  • Russ D. Feingold takes control of the office
  • Feingold often opposes freedom-limiting legislation, but can't stand against the legislative branch
  • But the people still love him as the "last bastion of hope for this country"
  • Increasing Cold War pressure allows passing more laws restricting personal freedoms & empowering governmental agencies & corporations
  • Cold War situation allows retraction of two-term presidential limit
  • Feingold's third term
  • Huge increase of large corporate power
  • Government Efficiency & Reduction Act of 2020: Many government functions handed over to corporate contractors, and many monopolies arise (antitrust issues are largely ignored, in the name of efficiency):
    • StratCo is contracted for the military
    • Magitech contracted for infrastructure
    • AOL Time Warner takes over FCC & media infrastructure duties
    • NSF & NIH are eliminated in favor of private corporate grants from companies like Microsoft, IBM, etc. New technologies are patented/copyrighted by the companies that gave out the grants for it.
    • The IRS is outsourced as well
  • Feingold's fourth term; his health is waning
  • Disease sweeps Asia
  • Natural disasters are becoming much more common, as well as "unnatural" ones
  • US officially imposes travel embargo to those countries
  • Feingold's public support is almost gone because of disasters that he can't seem to prevent
  • Magitech begin work on Pax Artificium
  • Feingold runs again but loses to William Norman (part of the "liberal Republican" party)
  • Magitech builds Pax Artificium
  • StratCo soldiers deployed to protect the city, as it seems unnaturally prone to disasters & attacks
  • People are sick of the Cold War, and want change
  • Reunification & disarmament talks, more progressive stance on foreign policy
  • Give power back to the people, by encouraging more pure capitalism/competition instead of monopolies
  • Limited term contracts that are open bidding process, with a voting repeal potential
  • Clinton, Gore, & Jeb Bush are all still alive, but retired

Asia becomes much more fascist, controlled, authoritarian (rather than communist). The countries become more of a confederation, with one single leader—a council head over the Council of Four (the other three being the leaders of Russia, India & China).

Japan is a US ally, but they are so geographically isolated that they have to make concessions to Asia, rendering them impotent. They have maintained their laws requiring no military buildup within their country.