Pax Artificium - Tech

Virtual chain – DC 8

A virtual chain consists of two small devices that attach to objects. When the devices are separated by more than a set amount, the “blinker” blinks—the faster it blinks, the closer it is to the “marker.” Virtual chains are useful for keeping track of keys, wallets, remote controls, etc.

Virtual chain with GPS capabilities – DC 10

This item is the same as a virtual chain, but the “marker” has a built-in GPS transmitter so that it can be tracked from a computer.

Neural jack – DC 25

A neural jack mimics sensations to the brain. It is also able to cut off the brain’s communication with various body parts, such as body muscles, facial expression, etc. This way, it can “read” what is being sent to those muscles and implement it in VR instead of allowing the body to move that way in the real world. Also, it can allow you to speak over VR, but your face goes slack while it happens. Military personnel are outfitted this way so that they can be informed of coming attacks, be given orders, etc.

With a neural jack, you can experience fully immersive VR, as well as enjoy built-in cellular capabilities with no external equipment.

Scanner rods – DC 22

A multipurpose rod about one foot long with several buttons. Functions as a 3D scanner and motion capture device. It can be used to reconstruct real-life scene in a virtual environment.

Scanner glasses – DC 22

Same as scanner rod, but in glasses form (it records what you see).

“Goggles” – Multipurpose scanner / IR / binocular glasses – DC 24

Same as scanner glasses, but they also have built in infrared and zooming binocular functions. If you have a neural jack, they interface with it for direct mental control over the Goggles’ visual parameters.

Energy rifles – DC 25

These rifles function similarly to phasers on Star Trek, but they are much bulkier. They weigh 20 lbs. This item is Military.

Computers – DC 22

Computers are paper thin, plastic sheets that can be rolled up or even folded.


All TVs are flatscreen, & most are pull-down.


Everything is hydrogen fuel cell instead of gasoline now (e.g., cars run on water).