Pax Artificium - Magitech Corporation

Magitech Corporation ("proto-Magitech") was formed in the early 2010s when a scientist, Dana Arthur, and her husband, a mystic named Fox Arthur, started to experiment with embedding a human consciousness into a machine. After years of research, they managed to implant the mind of their son, Cid Arthur, into a computer core. Unfortunately, Dana disappeared (and was presumed dead) as a result of the procedure, and Fox, overcome with grief, left the country to wander the east.

From the ashes of the fallen company, Cid rebuilt as he grew older, redirecting Magitech toward his own research in architecture and engineering. Through hard work and perseverence, Cid quickly built Magitech into a company with a reputation for quality ("neo-Magitech"). In 2020, it won the bid to manage the infrastructure of major U.S. cities—roads, public transportation, sewer systems, etc.

But Cid's true dream was to build a whole new city from the ground up. In 2030, with the help of Cid's mystical talents, Magitech designed and built a unique city: Pax Artificium.

Even though Cid has since passed on, he has left a great legacy. His company is currently a major force in the U.S., and William Moss, Cid's one-time assistant, has deftly taken over the company's reigns after being imbued with mystical abilities himself. Other fine staff include General Leo managing Pax Artificium's defenses and other military matters, Zuul maintaining the city's functions and designing new technological defenses, Liam Connor in charge of Magitech's lunar project, and many other competent personnel handling more mundane matters of infrastructure in other U.S. cities.