Pax Artificium - Erica Banyon

Erica Banyon is an extremely talented flautist. She moved to Pax Artificium shortly after it was rebuilt, and has already made a name for herself with the knowledgeable as a musician of great promise. People who are active in the classical music community may recognize her name as that of a prodigy at Julliard ten to fifteen years ago; however, no one in those circles seems to have heard that name in about ten years.

Erica is a very attractive woman in her mid to late 20s. She has wavy, chestnut-colored hair which tumbles to the middle of her back, and hazel eyes with often look almost green. She typically dresses casually but with flair, wearing jeans and peasant shirts which tend to evoke a rather Celtic flavor. If asked, Erica will reply that many of her shirts come from the days when she worked the Renaissance Faires in California.

Erica has recently fallen in with a group of crazy people which seem to include an agent of the Canadian government, an extremely paranoid woman, a vulgar pilot, and an absolutely insane professor who is far too nosy for anyone's good. Generally, she just ignores them and concentrates on finding her missing flute. With any luck, soon she will be rid of their company and go back to her nice, normal life.