Mystic classes

There are many ways to incorporate mystic magic into a campaign. The classes described here represent one straightforward way to integrate it into a D&D campaign, but there are many other possibilities.

There are seven kinds of mystics, based on their arcane and divine spellcaster counterparts. In most ways, they are equivalent to their non-mystic versions, except that they use mystic magic instead of arcane or divine spellcasting. That is, mystics use the same die type, base attack bonus, saving throws, class skills (but see the Mysticraft section), skill point progression, weapon and armor proficiencies (but see the Mystics and iron section), bonus feats (but see the Mystic feats section) and bonus languages as their respective base classes. Information on special abilities and mystic sphere progression for each class are detailed in the following sections.

Mystic class Key ability Point progression Max ranks Special
Mystic bard Cha Half 12 None
Mystic cleric Wis Normal 20 Improved Healing, Healing conversion
Mystic druid Wis Normal 18 None
Mystic paladin Wis Half (at 4th level) 8 None
Mystic ranger Wis Half (at 4th level) 10 None
Mystic sorcerer Cha Normal 20 Improved Pyrotechnics
Mystic wizard Int Normal 20 +2 bonus reserve per level

Mystics have some powerful tools at their disposal. The following sections detail some intricacies of mystic magic with which players should be familiar.