Healing is the sphere for repairing things that are broken. With Healing, nearly anything can be reconstructed. This sphere can also deal damage to negative-energy beings.

Heal creature

1: Heal a living creature for 1d6 hit points. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1d6 hit points (for a mystic cleric, +2d6 hit points)

Heal temporary ability damage

6: Heal 1 point of temporary ability damage. [Instantaneous]

1: +1 ability damage healed

Heal negative levels

8: Heal 1 negative level. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1 negative level healed

Heal permanent ability damage

8: Heal 1 point of permanent ability damage, inflicted within the last day. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1 day since damage was inflicted

+1: +1 ability damage healed

Cure ailment

1: Cure an ailment of affliction level 1. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1 affliction level

Affliction level Ailment
1 Cure minor afflictions
3 Cure paralysis
5 Cure major disease
7 Neutralize poison
9 Cure magical disease
10 Restore one permanently drained level
11 Cure petrification, Raise dead (must have greater than zero hit points)
13 Regeneration
15 Resurrection (need some part of the deceased)
18 True resurrection (need some part of the deceased, but no level or Constitution lost)
20 Cures everything (except artifact-level ailments)