Pyrotechnics is the sphere for wielding pure magical energy. With Pyrotechnics, a powerful elemental attack can be unleashed, and a dark cavern can be made brightly illuminated.

Elemental types

All Pyrotechnic effects are formed from one of four different elements—fire, ice, electricity, or force—each of which has its own unique properties. Fire causes fire damage and can set objects aflame. Ice causes cold damage and can even freeze objects solid. Electricity causes shock damage and can stun enemies. Force is relentless in its ability to damage practically any form of material.

Attack styles

There are four ways to form a Pyrotechnic attack: touch, ray, ball and remote explosion. To use ray, ball or remote explosion, extra Pyrotechnics must be mixed into the effect to extend the reach (see the Range section). All forms of Pyrotechnic attack entitle each victim to a Fortitude save for half damage.

Note: Use the rules for area-effects listed in the Target section for the “ball” and “remote explosion” effects.

Elemental attack

1: Form a fire, ice or electricity attack that does 1d6 damage. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1d6 damage (for mystic sorcerers, +2d6 damage)

Force attack

1: Form a force attack that does 1d4 damage. [Instantaneous]

+1: +1d4 damage (for mystic sorcerers, +2d4 damage)


Produce light

1: Produce a glowing ball of light that illuminates an area in a 30-foot radius. [Temporary (minutes)]

+1: +30 foot radius