Pax Artificium - Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels was born and raised in Lousiana. He was raised by his mother, as he father left while he was still young. His mother, a devoute southern baptist, raised Jack with a heavy emphasis on belief.

Jack's mother is also superstitious and treats the tabloids with the same respect that she treats the bible. In his teen years, Jack was wise enough to question the tabloids, and began to question everything.

His attempts to discount everything his mother believed in quickly failed as even the craziest story turned out to have at least a grain of truth.

Jack grew into a large and powerful young man. Most people were scared of him, and so he filled his days with tinkering with cars. There were no shortage of old worn down cars to work on. Before he knew it, he had a successful car tuning business.

He got married in his late twenties. Unfortunately, his wife disappeared several years ago. After two years without any sign of his wife he knew he had to move on. He sold his tuning business and headed to Pax Artificium to start a new life.

Jack arrived in Pax right as it was opened to the public. He found a job bouncing at the Angels nightclub. Before the move, Jack was most comfortable hanging out in rough country bars. He wore overalls, drank cheap beer, and ate whatever was handy. In his new job he has to wear a suit, look and act professional, and relate to a clientelle that consited of the movers and shakers in Pax. Now that he's adjusted to his new lifestyle, he is never seen wearing anything but a nice suit.