Pax Artificium - Matt Jones

Matthew Jones was born on April 14, 2008 in Tacoma, Washington. He and his sister Carrie are the children of Brian and Nicole Jones. Brian is a retired civil rights lawyer. Nicole is a Nursing professor at the U-Dub.

Matthew has sandy blonde hair, stands 6' 1", gray blue eyes, with some freckling on his face. He is of medium build, weighing 190 pounds.

Like most kids in the US, Matt attended Sunday School at his parents' church starting from an early age. For Matt this meant Catholic Church, Catacism, and all the sadistic guilty conscience and self-loathing crap that goes with it. Throughout childhood he firmly believed the teachings that were presented, and even considered becoming a missionary in early high school.

Being exposed to different religions and philosophies, and having to live on his own throughout college and in the "real world" has eroded the strength and focus of his childhood beliefs. The toughest thing to understand is how can so many intelligent adults have differing beliefs.

Surfing is Matt's favorite sport. He loves spending hours out in the ocean, smelling the salt air, staring back at the rock formations and beaches. Growing up, he and his friends would spend entire days on the beach.

Matthew has a gentle, quiet demeanor. His sister Carrie is more boisterous and academically inclined. Matthew attended the U-Dub where he received his undergraduate liberal arts degree and played soccer. During college he played as an alternate for the 2030 US World Cup team. He now plays soccer professionally for the newly created Pax Artificium Miracles.