Mass Combat: Heroic

This mass combat system is designed to model combat on a massive scale, in a simple way, while still allowing heroic characters to perform actions similar to those in regular d20 combat.


Like normal d20 combat, it takes place on a grid. However, the scale is different:

The participants of the mass combat are units:

Phases of a combat round

  1. Special actions – Each hero can activate a special ability during the special actions phase.
    • Decided immediately
    • Typically no movement involved
    • Includes things like healing, buffing, debuffing, etc.
    • See “special actions” below for a list
  2. Movement – Each unit moves.
    • Units move in order from highest initiative bonus to lowest (no dice are rolled).
    • If two initiatives are tied, whoever rolls higher on a d20 goes first that round.
  3. Attacks – All units attack simultaneously.
    • Everyone rolls their attacks simultaneously.
    • After everyone has rolled, damage is assigned in reverse initiative order (i.e., lowest initiative must assign damage first).