Imbue Mystic Energy [Item Creation]

With Imbue Mystic Energy, the mystic can charge an object with a one-time effect. The process takes time and energy, however. Each sphere point imbued into the item requires 30 minutes of concentration and 10 experience points, and these points are consumed until the charge is complete (see the Consuming points section for details).

For example, suppose that Pip the mystic wizard—ever a prankster—imbues a cloak with a charge of Creat 4. He wishes it to be released when someone tries to put on the cloak, to create a jester’s cap atop the victim’s head. For determining when the cloak is about to be donned, Pip uses an interrupting trigger by mixing Div 12 into the imbued effect (see Divination triggers). Therefore, charging the cloak costs him a total of Creat 4 + Div 12, which must be consumed at a rate of one each half-hour. The charge thus takes Pip a total of eight hours to imbue, as well as 160 EP.