Divination triggers

Charging objects using the Improved Mystic Charge feat and imparting objects with magical charges using the Imbue Mystic Energy feat both allow the mystic to release one or more charges mentally as a free action when desired. They also allow the mystic to utilize a special form of Divination that causes the charges to be automatically released when certain conditions are met.

For a standard action trigger, add Div 1 at the time the charge is imparted. For simple state triggers (e.g., “when I die,” “when someone puts on this coat,” etc.) add Div 3. For free action triggers (e.g., thought), use Div 5. For interrupting triggers (e.g., “just before someone touches the orb” or “when someone is about to pickpocket me”), use Div 12.

For examples of use, see the Improved Mystic Charge and Imbue Mystic Energy feats.