Improved Mystic Charge [Metamagic]

Prerequisite: Mystic Charge

Improved Mystic Charge allows the mystic to store mystic energy within an item or area as a charge. Just like storing energy with Mystic Charge, the charge loses one point per sphere per round unless the effect is warded to prevent such decay. The result is similar to that from Imbue Mystic Energy, but you need not spend experience or time to charge the item.

Another way to think about Improved Mystic Charge is that it allows mystics to use warding with instantaneous effects instead of just with temporary effects. A warded instantaneous effect is triggered when the ward dissipates—either because the mystic chooses to dissolve it, or due to a Divination trigger (see Divination triggers). However, note that a warded instantaneous effect is not triggered if the warding is dispelled, or collapses due to Destruction or similar magic—in that case, the effect is simply lost.

For example, Benek the mystic wizard charges a gold coin with Pyro 12 to be released in a 10-foot radius burst (see the Target section), and wards it. Giving the gold coin to a merchant who he feels had cheated him on a deal the week before, he chuckles quietly to himself and leaves the store. He proceeds out the town gate and mentally releases the warding on the effect, burning the shop to the ground and giving the merchant an abject lesson in fair pricing.

Now that Benek is wanted by the authorities, he decides that it might be wise to protect the area around his camp that night by simulating an audible alarm spell. He enchants the area with Ill 1 for the alarm sound, and Div 3 for a simple state trigger of “when a creature is within 30 feet” (a higher level of Divination could have been used to discriminate against certain types of creatures or exempt specific creatures from the effect—see Divination triggers for full details). He wards the charge by consuming Res 4. When some city guards see Benek’s tent and get within 30 feet, the Divination trigger activates and the Illusion magic is released. The alarm sounds, waking him just in time to deal with the approaching guards.