Pax Artificium - Anna ("Snow White")

When the Wednesday group first stole the Magitech computer core at the behest of the CIA (as per Noj's instructions), this mysterious woman appeared to steal it from the party (as per Sitruc's instructions). She brought it to Russia to be studied, but Sitruc had difficulty deciphering its secrets. Anna also kidnapped Liam so that Sitruc could probe his mind for information, but the strategy proved futile.

When Agent Banks and James Rex (possessing the body of Agent Summers) showed up to recover the core from both Russia and the Saturday group, it became clear that Anna and Rex both possessed powerful psionic abilities, which they immediately proceeded to use against one another.

Later, on the mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle, Sitruc and Anna appeared to stop the combined party from performing Rex's ritual to destroy the obelisk. Anna was incapacitated (Jack went so far as to cut Anna's spinal cord to paralyze her), but she healed herself somehow. Once Noj bound James Rex to his will, Anna escaped through a portal, taking the Saturday group with her to a secret Himalayan hideaway she shared with Sitruc.

While the Saturday group was working with Sitruc, they discovered that Lefty may be Anna's daughter (at least, Lefty referred to her as "Mom").

Eventually, Noj and Sitruc concluded the latest iteration of their eternal game, and it was time to "clear the board" and start again. Sitruc betrayed Anna, infecting her with a vile black substance that can only be described as "essence of wraith." Since Matt was able to use his temporal abilities to partially reverse the damage, and Sara then healed her, Anna survived this attack. The scars remain, however, as her entire body remains covered in faint, black etchings (not to mention the depth of the psychological damage inflicted).

After the fight, she rested at Cid's mansion for several weeks. Once she regained consciousness, she disappeared, not to be seen for several months.

Josef and Moses have since encountered her, when she first tried to recruit Moses to assist her in abducting John Bishop, and subsequently invited Josef to join with her and his evil twin in some sinister organization, on the condition that he murder Sara's unborn twins.

When Josef refused, Anna and a plague zombie John Bishop tried to kill him, but he narrowly escaped, with the help of some construction workers who mysteriously came to his aid (in the predawn hours of the morning)...