Pax Artificium - Second Half - Thursday 07

Session start: Monday, January 2, 2034 – 1800 PST – Obelisk island in the Bermuda Triangle

Bobby Garibaldi

Bobby's father calls him in to talk to him about his first field assignment. His father and man in charge of one section of Chicago's underground, Bruno Garibaldi, confides in his son his suspicions about the orders being handed down from Mr. Verardi lately.

Bobby is told that a hit has been put out on a man named Raphael Douglas. Since the Garibaldis are known for their knack of finding people, they were tapped for this job. Bruno knows of his son's talents to some extent, and wants him to do it. But he cautions him too, saying that Bobby should investigate the situation first, and attempt to find out what is going on lately with these weird orders.

Bobby visits his grandmother's apartment in Chicago and attempts to Scry Douglas using a Latin Bible that he is told belongs to the man.

Bobby locates Douglas, seeing his unconscious body lying in an abandoned military base. He arranges to be flown there in one of Verardi's private jets. His father sends two bodyguards with Bobby: Guido and Andrea Lorenzi—devoted to Bruno but not too bright.

Vinny the pilot lands the jet at the Pax Artificium International Airport. Bobby sends Andrea to scout out why no one came to greet them at the airport, but no one appears to give them any trouble.

Bobby determines that the airport seems to be locked up and closed down. They cut a hole in their airport fence, hail a taxi and grab two suites on the 28th floor of a nearby Hilton.

Bobby, Guido and Andrea try to gather information about local bars where Magitech soldiers might frequent. At a nearby steakhouse, Guido finds out from the bartender that some Magitech personnel are often seen at a place downtown near-east called the Garden Eatery, near a park called the Garden.

They find a single Magitech employee there nursing a milk. Bobby pays him to find out information about the military base to the north from the Magitech central computer. He says he'll return in an hour, but after waiting for two and half hours, the guy still hasn't returned.

Bobby and his men travel the city by taxi and ask the driver to take them to "the tougher side of town." They arrange to attend a man named Gus's party later that night after midnight. Bobby meets Gus's associate, Reubens, who specializes in obtaining difficult items and information. They leave the party and meet at his base of operations at a refueling station a few minutes outside the city.

Bobby tells Reubens he's interested in finding out about the military base to the north. Reubens tells him it's infrequently used, mostly as a checkpoint about once a month or so. Bobby buys a stolen sedan from Reubens and pays him extra for the information and some ski masks.

They drive out to the base, and see that the gate has already been forced open. Bobby locates Douglas, unconscious and barely alive. He studies the man, unable to wake him, then hears the sound of an approaching plane.

At obelisk island

The plane gets zapped by some sort of discharge from the portal caused by the Arcane Order's prodding, and the island disappears. They are now in the middle of the ocean.

"Holy shit!" Frank says, and rushes to start up the plane and pull it out of the water.

Daniel concentrates on making some good come from this unfortunate event, and the discharge remnants crackle around the party, healing them somewhat.

No one is sure exactly where they are, except to guess they are probably still in the Bermuda Triangle. They argue about whether to go back to the island, or head north-northwest toward the States again.

Daniel's contact tells him that it is unfortunately impossible to relocate the island right now. However, Metatron tells him that it is time for him to learn the truth about God, and His true purpose for Daniel.

"Find a man named Raphael Douglas. He is one of God's servants, but he needs help. If you help him, he is capable of assisting some of your companions with their various maladies and he may also be capable of assisting you to locate John Bishop."

Erica attempts to teleport home, and succeeds, but her flute disappears from her hands, clattering to the floor of the plane. Betty immediately snatches it up and stuffs it in her backpack. Erica reappears, and when she sees her flute is not here, begins to cry.

Daniel comes out of his trance and asks Betty whether she took Erica's flute. "What are you talking about?" Betty asks, but Erica senses that Betty is bluffing.

"You bitch! Give it back!" Erica screams.

"I still don't know what you're talking about," Betty says.

Erica punches Betty in the face.

Dirk tries to convince Betty to give the flute back to Erica. They argue about the flute for a while, and Betty finally agrees to give it back.

Betty tells Daniel that he is taking orders from the Devil, but Daniel is skeptical. Betty gives an impassioned speech about how everyone who uses magic is really just using witchcraft.

Erica goes to the cargo bay in the back and plays her flute, then concentrates on making the plane go faster with Enhancement and Kinetics. She wards the effect, giving it a boost of speed, but the backlash causes her to feel overwhelmed with tiredness, and fall into a deep slumber.

Betty tries out her sunglasses and discovers that two of them increase her visual acuity, while the third pair causes a burning sensation and the afterimage of the sun. "These are for her," Betty thinks to herself, imagining giving them to Erica.

After a few hours, they arrive at the base, with Metatron leading Daniel, who gives directions to Frank.

Bobby has Andrea ambush Daniel as he enters the building. Daniel and Bobby discuss matters, and Daniel manages to revive Father Douglas with Healing magic, noticing that he has a couple of angry boils on his face.

At Bobby's request, Father Douglas explains how he came to be passed out on the floor of an abandoned military base. Then they step outside and introduce Bobby, Guido, Andrea and Father Douglas to Dirk, Betty and Erica.

Father Douglas tells Betty that she is spiritually linked to Frank, probably because she overextended the power he senses within her at some point in the past. He says that normally he could treat her easily, but that he recently overextended himself and will need to rest for a while first.

After a lot more discussion, Bobby mentions that they should probably adjourn from the base to a more suitable location for continued discussion. They agree on Erica's apartment. Bobby, Guido, Andrea, Erica, Daniel and Father Douglas ride in the sedan, and Frank and Betty take the plane back to Pax.

As the sedan pulls down the road, Bobby notices that Father Douglas is sweating and appears very uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, but could you stop the car right away?" Douglas manages to croak out. As it stops, he claws at the door handle, trying to get out as quickly as possible. He rolls from the car seat onto the ground, and clutches his head.

As the clouds part and the full moon becomes visible, he begins a terrible transformation...

Session end: Tuesday, January 3, 2034 – 0400 PST – abandoned military base north of Pax Artificium

XP: 7000