Pax Artificium - Second Half - Saturday 01

Thanks to Oz for this detailed transcript.

During the 6 months after the death and dismemberment of Sitruc and Noj, members of the "band" have gone their separate ways, occasionally staying in touch. Since then, Pax has been rebuilt. Roughly a third of the population has left Pax, deciding for various reasons that the strange goings on aren't worth being there.

Worldwide, the organized monster attacks have ceased entirely. The creatures are still out there in the wild, occasionally making headlines with an attack or two. Things have seemed to fall back to normal.

Anti-terrorism has been collapsing. Until the next election in 2036, Senate Majority Leader Morgan Russell has been confirmed as president. Many congress members are reversing their stances on outsourcing security and other vital functions to the corporate enterprises. Most responsibilities have been reverted back to governmental agencies.

The war between China-India-Russia and the US-Europe has ended. Various political rife from before the war is returning back into lime-light of the world stage. It is rumored that a conflict in Asia is likely.

In local news

The Pax Miracles, who have been on hiatus, will have their first game tomorrow afternoon (January 1, 2034).

Fireworks and light displays tonight at Pax above Masterson Park are expected to draw thousands as the city celebrates the reconstruction of the city. I'm sure Buck is up there somewhere smiling down on the citizens of our fair town.

With Buck's sad death, Chuck Xavier is expected to will the mayor race early next year.

In world news

The Strategic Improvements Corporation court case determining ownership of the multi-trillion dollar corporation was settled out of court. The former board members have come to some sort of agreement. Former StratCo Vice President Ingolf Rixmann was named the new CEO.

Pre-session character developments

Matt honed his magical abilities, physically improving himself and creating a few devices. A magical stethoscope that heals injuries created a massive wound through his chest to his heart. It has since healed, but left a nasty scar. Matt has been volunteering with sports medicine doctor Scott Haley out of Seattle in a free clinic.

One of Matt's rings has the ability to teleport him to Pax (room in mansion), Seattle (storage facility), and Sitruc's former mansion in Russia each once per day. Creating that ring permanently reduced Matt's reflexes (Dexterity loss of 1 permanently).

Liam has created two machines that he can mentally move using Kinetic mystic ability. These machines allow him to interface with other machines and computers from a distance.

Jack returned from Germany a few days before New Years Eve to learn that one of his co-workers has set up Angels to host a public party that is being billed as "The Party" to celebrate Pax's miraculous recovery. Jack is quite upset and informs his co-worker that it will never happen again!

Jack spent some time improving his car's suspension with some technology from Germany and his own abilities. These "smart wheels" can handle various terrains from stairs to rocks to sand.

Session start: Saturday, December 31, 2033 evening (Pacific time)

Shannon Bailey—an attractive, mousy, shy engineer-type that gives the vibe of being a partier—works on Liam's team at Magitech and has silently been attracted to Liam for months. Absorbed in his work, Liam hasn't noticed her constant hints.

Liam is close to a breakthrough on the skylift project and calls in his team to work New Years Eve. On this particular day, Shannon decides to ask Liam to "The Party" at Angels for New Years. Liam, very surprised, agrees, but only if they can finish their work. Shannon smiles and says they better get to work!

Jack sleeps in quite late after working all night on the car.

During the day, Matt is at the free clinic helping out emergency patients in Seattle.

After a long day's work with Shannon's heightened motivation, the team is able to get things working (although not perfected). More testing will be needed before everything will be ready. Shannon is quite satisfied and already has reservations at Angels private party for two.

At Angels, Jack is working security dressed in a high-class suit (which is standard uniform). Much to Jack's disgust, the dress code has been suspended for the public party (at least on the first floor). Jack watches as a seven-and-a-half foot giant of a man comes into the bar in jeans, a soccer jersey, and a face painted half gold and half white.

After working some more, Liam realizes that it is almost time to meet with Shannon. Almost on cue, she walks in dressed to the nines looking very sexy. They only have fifteen minutes to get to Angels. Shannon asks if Liam is going to change. Liam freaks out, realizing he does not have time to get the appropriate attire. He calls Jack, who calmly states that he'll handle everything and to just get to Angels.

Matt and the rest of the soccer team get to Angels after hopping around various bars. A very large man in a soccer jersey and with a painted face enthusiastically introduces himself to Half-Pint as Gordon. He says he is a huge fan, procuring Half-Pints rookie card and asking him to sign it. He says he used to play football, but blew out his knee.

Liam and Shannon get to Angels. Liam is led to a changing room, while Shannon is brought to their table.

Half-Pint, getting very hungry, orders fifteen pizza pies.

Liam gets into a very distinguished suit and joins Shannon just as the ball drops in New York.

A pizza-delivery man with the name "Lee" sewn into his jacket shows up at Angels. Jack is quite upset at this, telling Lee that food isn't allowed in. He tells Jack that one "Half-Pint" ordered these pizzas and assured him that it would be okay.

Upstairs in the private party, a jazz band is performing. The nightclub lights flicker a few times. Liam immediately wants to see what's going on, but Shannon persuades him with a gentle kiss that he really doesn't want to do that. They continue to enjoy the wine and music.

Jack lets Lee in to check on the generators in the basement. There should have been no flickering of lights, with their generators. Upon inspecting the generators, he sees that they ran for fifteen seconds. Jack calls the generator company, leaving a message that something went wrong with the generators at Angels.

At "The Party," all the televisions were static for fifteen seconds. As the reception came back, the television personalities hosting the event mention that there was just a power outage in New York that affected cell phone communications as well.

Matt calls the mansion and check to see if everything is okay. They state that Dr. Arthur is looking into it.

Half-Pint picks up the pizza pies, giving Lee a great tip.

Shannon and Liam are engrossed in the moment, when Jack interrupts them. Jack tells Liam about the power outage that seemed to be national, affecting all cell phone communications as well. As Jack is saying this, he notices one of the flower bouquets is wilting, then buzzing is in the air, and that reality seems distorted (right in front of them).

Out of seemingly thin air, a midget with a mane of hair in shabby clothes (Renaissance Fair-like) tugs on Jack's clothing saying, "Milo's friends want her to sing. If she sings, you'll be taken away. Don't let her take you away." Near the stage a beautiful woman singing steps up to the stage from the crowd heading for the microphone.

Jack moves to kick the microphone, while Liam plugs his ears. Jack doesn't recognize the woman, but she is about to reach the microphone, and another flickering of power happens.

Liam hears the beautiful singing through his fingers in his ears and is transfixed. He starts moving towards the stage. Jack reaches for the power and unplugs the microphone.

Below at the public party, they can hear this woman's music in the distant background. Half-Pint, Lee, Matt, and Gordon notice that everyone else seems to be still enrapt in the music.

Liam becomes like dust and is absorbed into a mystical swirl of color and light, feeling like his head is floating in the clouds. Jack stuns the woman. As she crumples to the ground, Liam crashes to the floor from what seems like a perilous fall.

Half-Pint and Matt head up to see the situation and see a woman in pain on the ground. Matt goes to his car to get his med-kit. The beautiful woman gets up and Jack handcuffs her, escorting her out of Angels through the backdoor. She tries to enchant Jack with her singing, but Jack covers her mouth and pushes her out into the alley. A figure in the alley dressed in priestly robes holding a book and a large cross approaches, "I see you have delivered unto me a demon." Jack shuts the door as the woman shouts for help.

As Jack is walking back to the main floor, he is affected by the woman's singing in the distance. Then a scream ends the singing and Jack snaps out of it. He goes to use his cell phone to call security to find out what is going on in the alley. His cell phone has no service.

Liam hears the woman's voice in his head beckoning for his help, with an image of impending danger from a mad priest threatening with a cross in the back alley. Liam feels sympathy towards this woman and moves to check on her. At the front door, he runs into Jack and Matt. Jack convinces Liam and Matt that it isn't safe to go out into the alley.

Out in back, Half-Pint, Gordon, and Lee burst into the alley. The priest is attacking the woman with the large cross, pressing it against her forehead with a sound of sizzling. Half-Pint and Gordon join the fray as Lee watches in confusion.

Jack notices the silent alarm for the back door and swears under his breath. He tells Liam and Matt to follow him.

The woman begins singing some violent song about vikings. Half-Pint becomes transfixed and walks towards her. Gordon grabs him. The woman moves forward and touches Half-Pint. He begins to "phase" out and Gordon arms go through Half-Pint as though he were made of sand. Liam and Jack rush out into the alley and both become transfixed, walking towards the woman. Matt shoots her, and Gordon then smashes her with a garbage can.

Amazingly, the woman is still standing and runs away. We follow down the alley when a monstrously large dog attacks Gordon. Matt shoots her again and she crumples to the ground. Matt notices that the woman's wounds are healing at a magically fast rate. The Priest threatens her with a large stake, demanding she release those she has taken.

Gordon pins the dog, but it then vanishes and reappears between Matt and the woman. The priest stakes the woman through the heart as she arcs in pain. Jack pummels the dog within an inch of its life with electric knuckles. The dog takes the woman in his massive jaw and tries to get away suing some mystic ability. The group pummels the heck out of the dog as it slumps, dropping the limp woman's body to the ground.

XP: 6000