Pax Artificium - Second Half - Saturday 06

Thanks to Oz for this detailed transcript.

Session start: Monday, January 2, 2034 – 1100 PST

Lee is brought from the prison cell to meet with General Carter. Carter greets Lee; "I brought you here for an opportunity. How would you like a chance to serve your country?" Lee stammers, not sure what to say. "I've seen what happens to those like you, like this morning, when you ended up on the floor babbling, barely able to talk. It gets worse. Pretty soon you turn into a vegetable. My scientists have created these (putting a bottle of pills on the table). Take these and you will not die from doing things a man should not doing." The bottle label has only a handwritten telephone number on it.

Lee: "Uh, what do I have to do?"

"Just keep an eye on the others."

"I just met them. I don't really know them."

"That's probably good. They haven't had a chance to pervert you with their evil ways. They might have good intentions, but whatever they do causes catastrophic consequences. There must be a line drawn and I intend to draw that line. You go back to your normal life and call me once we take care of that bird."

Lee agrees with lukewarm enthusiasm. He and General Carter notice smoke coming from under the door. The sprinklers activate as Carter opens the door to a roaring fire. Carter tries using a fire extinguisher. Neither that nor the sprinklers seem to be affecting the fire. Carter opens a secret exit and Lee follows him down a dimly lit tunnel for 20 minutes. Carter turns to Lee, "It's been a pleasure to work with you, but I can't let you see the end of this tunnel." Lee sees Carter point a gun and feels something hit his neck passing out.

Lee wakes up, being shaken by the shoulders. A big guy in overalls is there. He speaks with a deep South accent: "Hey there, are you okay, buddy?"

"I don't know."

"You need a ride, buddy?"

"Where am I?" Looking around, Lee sees he's on the side of the road with a large truck stopped near by.

They talk for a while. Lee learns that he is some fourteen hours away from Pax and gets a ride there. The truck driver's name is Joe and they listen to music on AM 780 (the "Voice of God" network). Lee falls asleep on the truck and is woken at 0900 the next day in Pax. Lee thanks Joe for the ride and gets his pizza vehicle from the space lift parking lot, then drives back to his apartment.

"It won't work Liam, it's been blocked," says a red haired beautiful woman, "Don't you recognize me? It's Xela." Matt appears out of nowhere and is speaking incoherently about some virus in Sam's head (I wanted to try to act like Skank from the Crow when he brought to the big boss after TJ is killed—all excited, speaking on speed, and somewhat incoherent).

Matt, Jack and Lee go to find Sam and the rest of the group.

Even though communications are still down, Gordon's cell phone rings, displaying the caller is unknown. It is the bird telling Gordon it is worried and concerned. Images accompany the sounds showing the streets below and somehow Gordon senses they are filled with small, invisible figures. Gordon tells the bird to look for him outside and they'll meet up. Gordon tells Liam the streets are overrun with invisible creatures and it is time to get out of the city. Xela whispers, "I think they are pixies."

Lee, driving to his apartment, sees something zip by. Using mystical vision he is able to find and follow the creature flying to Magitech HQ where it flies into a window some twenty floors up. Lee waits in his car to see what happens next.

Liam goes to use the computer console, but it is no longer available. Liam asks Libra to try but is told the systems are all down. Gordon and Liam start heading to the elevator.

Matt and Jack find the blood left behind from Sam lying on the ground, but no one else is there. In the room they were in a window is broken. The head back and meet up with Liam and Gordon. Liam tells them the elevators are out and the all the computer systems are down.

Liam senses something watching them and sets off the sapphire sprinklers. A figure is highlighted in the air ten feet away. It runs and we chase it to the open window. Gordon sees Lee in the pizza truck. Lee sees the mysterious figure fly out of the window and down. Lee then senses there are many more pixies here.

Xela suggests that we bring back Cid to protect the computer. She suggests that we can research this using magic near the obelisk in the Bermuda Triangle. After some short discussion we agree that is where we should go next. Jack, Gordon, and Matt head for the stairs. They see Liam leap out of the window, saying that he'll see them down there. Xela follows Liam and jumps out the window. Matt notices that Xela isn't wearing her amulet.

Lee watches another figure fall gently down out the window followed by another woman falling full speed. Just before she hits the ground she slows and lands gently.

We all meet on the first floor lobby. It is strange, but no guards or workers are present. Liam find the door to the security room locked. Jack and Gordon try to smash the door down. Lee gets impatient and shoots the lock mechanism. Liam gets to the computer system but it is down.

We pile into the pizza vehicle and go to the hangar. We see the bird flying behind us, following us. Lee asks Liam on the way whether he would analyze some drugs. Liam says he will a little later. We do our best to avoid any pixies along the way.

We take the Pelican out of Pax. Amazingly the plane was retooled this morning and fully refueled. Liam notes that some extra fuel tanks were added.

Xela goes on to explain divination magic is currently suppressed, but there is a hole in that right above the obelisk. She tells us about the flute, which she went through great pains to acquire, that was then stolen from her. Xela says that a circlet is needed to return the bird to its home. Matt asks what happened to Xela's amulet and she says that the ones who stole her flute have her amulet as well.

We ask about Everlily Nyx. Xela knows her and says she's not as bad as everyone thinks she is. Liam and Xela talk about how human magic isn't quite right (tainted).

Liam realizes he's never seen the bird before. We determine that it was backlash that has made him forget about the bird. We catch Liam back up on what has happened.

The group talks of nonhumans for a while. Xela is a gnome. Gordon is not human, although he claims he used to be human. Discussion turns to how human magic is bad. We can't come up with a good solution. Xela sarcastically says that killing all humans would solve the problem. None of us really take her seriously.

We realize that we don't know how to get to the island. Xela says she doesn't know how to get there. Matt assumes it is because divination magic is not working and she doesn't have her amulet.

Lee wants to know what the heck is going on. Liam explains that magic is real and tells him how it works and what backlash is. He explains we're going to the Bermuda Triangle to learn what we need to return the bird to it home. The bird chimes in and tells us it can find this place. We agree that as we near the Triangle we'd let the bird out and follow it.

We then ask Xela what she knows of Milo. She finds him annoying and would rather not talk about it.

We talk about the priest and all that we know about him. [See, we're the good party; we SHARE information!] Lee tells us that he got some drugs from the general at the base that helps him with a condition he has that will turn him into a vegetable. Lee shares most of what he has experienced except for the part where General Carter asked him to observe us and report back.

Liam starts to analyze the drugs. The fumes reduce or suppress his mystic abilities leaving a numb feeling. Liam surmises that this prevents mystic magic from working. It will take maybe an hour to just recover from the fumes. Liam destroys the open pill that he was studying.

Matt talks with Lee later and presses him to learn that General Carter wants Lee to spy on them and report back. Matt talks with Xela later and learns that she hates Milo because he is disobedient.

We learn that the flute used to be called Babylon's Horn and that she wants to use it to open a portal to free a friend of hers. After many questions Xela sheepishly admits that her friend is a pixie.

Near the Triangle we let the bird out, following it through a sporadic path for about an hour. We come to a familiar column of fog. The bird calls Gordon on his cell phone and confirms this is where we want to be.

Landing the plane on the beach we see another plane on the beach with other people standing around talking. There are many huts and folks in robes with long beards conjuring huts out of thin air.

Session end: Monday, January 2, 2034 – 1800 PST

XP: 4000