Pax Artificium - Second Half - Joint Sat 07/Thu 06

Thanks to Oz for this detailed transcript.

Session start: Monday, January 2, 2034 – 1800 PST

Xela (a red haired beautiful woman) from the Pelican points to two groups of folks saying they are the ones who stole her flute. The first group is Dirk, Betty, Theodolous, John Bishop, and Frank who are all near Frank's plane. The other group is Daniel, Erica, and the obvious leader of the robed figures (has the whitest robe, the longest beard, carrying the most impressive staff) who are walking along the beach. Erica recognizes Lee from a band that she once played with. Good band, just not her style of music. A silvery bird with a fifteen foot wingspan lands next to Gordon (eight-foot-tall, very large human palming a bowling ball).

Liam walks over to the robed leader. Gordon and the bird move towards Frank's plane. Matt, Jack, and Lee get into the van and drive towards Daniel.

Daniel greets Matt and tells Daniel that Xela is with them. Daniel convinces us that Xela is false. She attacked the other group before and wasn't carrying her amulet. Daniel begins to call for Milo. Liam arrives on foot. We learn that Yeslek, the leader of the Arcane Order, and his order have been trapped for two millennia on the astral plane. They are here to guard the obelisk. When the order completed the obelisk they became trapped in the astral plane.

Frank sees this giant man and bird walk towards them. The giant asks him to put his gun away.

Yeslek learns of this technology and want to know more. Liam begins explaining things to him. Yeslek's thirst to learn more never seems to end. Yeslek seems to be absorbing everything that Liam tells him. The two of them start heading to the Pelican.

Gordon walks up to Frank and asks him to put away his gun. Frank doesn't say or do anything. Gordon insists.

John Bishop arrives at the van and Matt asks which John Bishop this is. Erica responds back this is the friendlier one. Talking with John Bishop we learn that he has had some memory problems. He was in NY and was infected by some virus. As far as he knows he is Simon Lewis. He and his partner Kent Clark were exploring and got lost. Since being on this island other memories have starting coming back.

Milo tugs on Jack's shirt. Jack asks who all these people are. Milo cows low and eeks. Pointing at Xela who is walking towards the van meeting, saying she is really Kane. He is the strictest of his friends and if Kane knew he was here talking to Jack he'd be very mad. Jack tells Milo that he can go if he wants to. Milo vanishes.

Matt challenges Xela that she is really Kane. Kane admits that he is not Xela, but wants us to agree not to automatically attack him if he changes to his normal form. Matt figures out that the pixie that Kane want sot free is Nix. Kane admits it is true.

Liam is exhausted from all this stupid questioning from Yeslek and starts making up things. That red wire has to be at an exact 40-degree angle for the blue wire to provide power to that console-things like that.

Everyone is interrupted by a whirlwind of rocks slamming together which creates a gigantic 20 foot tall rock monster of general biped appearance. It begins stomping on huts.

Daniel states seriously, "That's probably not good."

Kane tiredly responds, "Again, wrought by humans."

A flurry of activity begins. Lee begins inspiring excellence to Matt, Jack, Gordon, and the bird. Frank and Theodolous get back in the plane and take flight. Liam runs along the island to sneak up on the rock monster. Betty hides behind a tree watching to see how things turn out. Daniel asks anyone for a book and looks for one and eventually he and Erica gets on Frank's hovering plane climbing the ladder. Theodolous leaps from the plane and joins the bird, Kane, Gordon, John Bishop, Dirk, and the Arcane Order in assaulting the rock monster. Liam transmutes the rock monster's leg into mud. Unfortunately the mud reforms itself into a new mud man creature.

The battle rages on with all sorts of magic, bowling balls, sword swinging, and gunshots fly about.

Jack, Matt, and Lee decide that everyone needs to get off this island. Jack convinces Yeslek to get all of the Order on the plane. They begin to gather all the mages.

The mudman meets its demise then it is tossed some 110 feet in the air and splats on the ground.

A few moments later, Gordon smashes the rock monster into pieces.

Daniel tells folks that that isn't Xela, and this she wants the flute. Frank asks whether to launch a volley of missiles. Daniel says not to, and that he wants to go back to the ground and talk with his other friends. Frank lands seeing Betty come out of hiding from behind a tree. Betty gets on the plane and Frank lifts off once again.

Theodolous heals one of the wizards causing Theodolous to bleed from his hands and feet. Theodolous then begins help reconstructing the huts and convinces the other wizards not to use magic.

Kane says, "There is one more thing you should know. Pax is compromised, and our troops control it. If you assist me getting me back our leader, I will release the control. I will break my agreement with the others. My job is to maintain a physical force to keep the city under control."

Jack pulls Matt aside and points out that Kane told us to use the circlet to send the bird back. But Kane tried to deceive them by pretending to be Xela. How can this person be trusted if he is betraying others to help us?

On Frank's plane Betty wants to land to get her money. Dirk wants to watch the other anomalies. Frank will have none of this and begins to leave the island. Betty and Frank bicker like they are married with comments like, "I don't want to spend the rest of my life tied to your hip." The begin to threaten Frank, so Frank shuts the cockpit doors.

On the ground folks see Frank's plane begin leaving the island. Kane makes a gesture and disappears.

Kane appears out of thin air on Frank's plane. Betty wants her money. Betty is thrown a bunch of gold coins as a down payment. They negotiate she will be paid the rest later. Frank sees an eye stalk come through the door. Kane charms Frank and gets him to land the plane.

Theodolous says that it is not necessary to control Frank's mind. There is some theological talk about Gaia. Then they begin the talk of Christ. Erica gets the low down from Kane on what happened. That Gaia is in pain, blah blah blah. Explains that the use of this magic is too painful for her. Legends say that long ago humans did not have this problem, but the man called Jesus Christ cascaded things.

More theoretical talking of JC. Kane's people are the things like pixies. This one says it is a beholder. Kane drops his disguise and shows himself. Betty begins to scream out that "we've made a deal with the devil" and continues to scream. There is some talk of elves, but Betty's screaming makes it really hard to hear anything. Kane asks Betty to stop screaming. She does not. Kane turns an eyestalk to Betty and suddenly he entire demeanor changes. Betty quietly looks up and says, "Oh hi, there you are," in a very pleasant manner.

Matt realizes that Kane has done some mind control over Betty and shoots Kane before he can take over anyone else. Kane disintegrates into ashes. Everyone goes into mad crazy fighting.

Erica attempts to resurrect Kane. It fails. Betty and Frank shoot at Matt for killing their "best" friend. They miss. Theodolous disarms Matt's weapon. Matt puts up a mystical defense. Gordon stuns Matt, and destroys Betty's and Frank's guns. Liam wrestles with Erica interrupting her flute playing, but she teleports away and runs into the plane.

The portal opens in a swirling vortex. Betty, Frank, Daniel, and Dirk suddenly shimmer and disappear, finding themselves aboard the plane. A pixie and William Moss step out of the portal.

Session end: Monday, January 2, 2034 – 2000 PST

XP: 7,000